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Approved Rapid Antigen Test can Confirm a COVID-19 Infection

Results available within 30 minutes.

  • Swab test is performed by a healthcare professional.
  • Results are available within 30 minutes
  • A negative COVID Rapid Antigen test result is accepted by some countries for travel purposes

Studies have shown that the Rapid Antigen test used by us have sensitivity of 98.1% and specificity of 99.8%.
(This is when compared to PCR testing from a population of people who were suspected of exposure to Covid-19 or presented with symptoms in the last 7 days.)

While no test can identify all disease, rapid antigen testing can help detect individuals who are potentially infectious.

Specificity is accuracy identifying negative cases, while sensitivity is accuracy identifying positive cases.

Our Rapid COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Options

We can organize a programme of testing that works for your organisation. We have worked with organisations to routinely perform COVID Rapid Antigen testing on their staff at the workplace or home. This can be tailored in a way to fit with work schedules and shifts.

Covid Rapid Antigen Home Self-Testing

AMS works with the organisation to design a suitable home testing programme and schedule. Once agreed the participant can follow the following steps to take the test from their home.

1Order Online
2Receive Test Kit in Post
3Swab Sample Taken
4Results Input on Portal

Video Guide to AMS Home Self-Testing Process

Onsite Covid Rapid Antigen Testing

The test is collected from a simple nasal swab performed by a healthcare professional.

We work within the organisation’s scheduling requirements to arrange testing at suitable times and locations. Our MedApp booking portal is simple to use and also provides access to approved users within the organization to view and manage appointment schedules. The process for the participant is as follows:

1Book Appointment Online
2Swab Sample Taken
3Onsite Analysis
4Results Online

EU Digital Covid Certificates can be provided results. With consent from the participant, result reports can be made available to an organisation point of contact.

What are the limitations?

Like all screening tests there is a small chance of a false positive (indication that the disease is present when it is not) or a false negative (absence of the disease when in fact it is present). If you experience symptoms, we advise you to speak with your GP who can advise accordingly.

AMS also provide COVID PCR Testing and COVID Antibody Testing which you might consider more suitable for your needs.

Contact Us

Contact us on 0818 333 120 or info@ameds.ie to discuss a solution that will work for you.

If you are symptomatic or a close contact of a positive case, please do not use our testing service.