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The MedApp software system was developed by AMS in 2016 and has over 200,000 users. From our offices in Cork (Ireland), we collaboratively work with companies that use MedApp to adapt and configure the software to meet their requirements.

Benefits of MedApp OH

Healthy Employees
Improves employee health & wellbeing by having all relevant health information in one location.
Significantly reduces all administrative tasks for the OH Team.
Keeps sensitive medical data in one secure location
Key Insights
MedApp’s reporting capability gives the OH team key insights into the company’s health status while identifying key health trends &/or risks.
Fast Referrals
Fast referrals to support earlier intervention and return to work.

MedApp Features

Pre-Employment Questionnaire

A secure link can be emailed to the candidate for the pre-employment questionnaire to be filled out in advance of the Pre-Employment Medical assessment.

  • Allow completion of Questionnaires at home online.

Encounter/Case Management

Record details of a new encounter using a simple online form, with suggested templates of information and content to record.

  • Find previously logged encounters and cases using a simple search form.

Health Surveillance Alerts

Homepage/dashboard will show recent encounters and alert message to advise of health surveillance that are due based on historical data.

  • Easily create Appointments from Health Surveillances

Clinic Schedule Management

Plan and Manage your Occupational Health clinic, and allow employees to book in online.

  • Allow Employees to Book Appointments Online.


Important information reported clearly to allow the business to see potential issues, allowing the company to implement changes to address issues.

  • Quickly Identify problem areas in order to address

Documents Scanned & Uploaded

All existing paper Occupational Health files can be scanned and uploaded to MedApp and linked under the employee’s MedApp profile page. AMS will manage the project of scanning, secure storage and ultimate shredding of paper files.

  • We will completely handle the transfer of your files

Other Features Include

  • Inbuilt Health Screening Products
  • Calendar Management
  • Integrations with Medical Laboratories
  • Intuitive Traffic Light Indicators for Review of Questionnaires and Assessments
  • Integrations with HR Systems
  • Online Bookings/Referrals
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Secure Sharing of Data outside of Occupational Health Departments

System Benefits

Easy To Use
MedApp can be accessed online from the office or at home. Training and support is available but we find that little training is needed due to the intuitive system design.
MedApp is cloud hosted with best practice security, encryption and monitoring practices in place.
Data Management
MedApp manages all aspects of data management (security, retention, backups, etc.) in accordance with GDPR requirements.
Environmentally Friendly
Information is stored digitally, removing the need for printing to paper and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
Integrations Available
MedApp can be integrated with other company systems and devices.

Onboarding Process

Our MedApp secure cloud-based software system allows your Occupational Health department to run more effectively and efficiently.

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