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Our corporate health screening programmes are designed to give your employees an overview of their health status without the need to take a leave of absence from work. We have designed a range of health screening profiles to deliver a comprehensive overview of the health of each participant.

Looking after the long term health of your employees has been shown to be good business. AMS is the leading provider of onsite health screening and medical services for multinationals and SME’s. We have been offering a range of health and wellness programmes to companies both large and small. Our dedicated medical and support team are committed to delivering a first class on-site screening service to you and your employees.




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With over 10 years’ experience AMS is the leading provider of health screening in Ireland. Our service is nationwide, and we come to your workplace making it very convenient and accessible. For many people, finding the time to have a health check can be very challenging. Workplace health screening bypasses this issue and brings our team of experienced doctors and nurses straight to your door making it very convenient. Many of our screens are managed by our friendly and professional clinic manager (on the day) which ensures seamless delivery of our services.

Encouraging your employees to take a short time out of their work day to have their health checked is something that could easily benefit your organisation. Not just now but in the long term, by helping to reduce illness or absence. Health Screening has also been shown to increase productivity and morale within an organisation.

AMS has designed a range of health screening programmes to deliver a comprehensive overview of the health of each participant. Most of our health screening programmes are reviewed and reported on by leading doctors and medical consultants with each participant receiving an individualised patient friendly report with findings and recommendations.

The Health Screening programmes are examples of the type of health screens we carry out. These are specially designed programmes and do not represent the full range of tests we are capable of performing. If the type of test or screen you require is not present, please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your organisation’s needs.

What type of clothing do I need to wear for my cardiac screening? We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose clothing to the screening. It is important to not wear any oils or creams as this may interfere with the ECG recording.  The cardiac technician will need access to your wrists, ankles, and chest.  The shirt will need to be removed, but undergarments will be left in place.  If undergarments are very tight, they may need to be loosened in order to allow for proper positioning of the chest electrodes. 

Do I need to fast for a screening involving bloods?  For most screenings, fasting will not be necessary.  The latest international guidelines do not require fasting for cholesterol tests.  If fasting is required for a test such as blood glucose, you will be notified via email prior to the test.

Can I attend a screening after training or a workout? It is important that your heart rate and blood pressure are at normal levels at the time of screening. We advise that you don’t exercise within 30 minutes of the screening.

Will my information be shared with my insurance provider or employer? We do not share any personal or medical information with your health insurance company or employer unless you request us to share this information. We may share anonymised data where the individual screened cannot be identified.

Could my screening results affect my insurance policy? No, your screening results cannot affect your insurance policy. In Ireland, everybody is charged the same premium for a particular health insurance plan, irrespective of their age, gender and the current or likely future state of their health. This is called community rating.

Is there a charge for my screening? Does my insurance cover this? It will depend on the screening programme that is on offer. If it is covered by your employer or health insurer, you will most likely be informed of this prior to making your booking.

Do my results get sent to my GP? It will depend on the screening programme you are participating in. You may be told on the day to follow up with your own GP. An example of this is when we have our onsite nurse performing point of care cholesterol and/or diabetes screening. Other screens such as cardiac screening, or screens where there is a panel of bloods being analysed, we will then send a copy of your results to your nominated GP if an abnormality is identified that is of concern.

What happens if I need to follow up or be re-screened? Follow up recommendations should be discussed and arranged through your GP. 

When do I get my results? It will depend on the screening that you are participating in. In some screens you will receive your results on the day. Other screens will take up to 10 working days. We will inform you on the day as to when you should expect to receive your results.

What is a claim form and why do I need to fill it out? If you are a Laya Healthcare member you will be required to complete a short claim form. We then submit this to Laya Healthcare for payment for your screen with us. This ensures that you are not charged for the screening.

I don’t fully understand my ECG results, who can help me? You can contact your GP if follow up is recommended based on the ECG results.  You can also email AMS at with any questions.