What some of our clients have said…

As a Swimming Club we organised Cardiac Screening for our Swim Team 14 years and over. Our team train intensely up to 8 sessions weekly and it was important for us to have our members screened. From the outset I found Heartaid very professional, understanding, accommodating and extremely efficient. On the day of the screening, everything ran as I was explained it would run very smoothly and efficiently. The Doctor and Nurse were very nice.

I would recommend any person in sport to have cardiac screening. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is becoming more prevalent today and it is great toknow that there is a mobile screening service out there that travels around the country to all sports clubs, schools etc.


Mr Andy Wood, Gamesmaster, Belvedere College

‘I can endorse AMS for their professionalism and excellent service. It is an initiative that I believe can only enhance the health and safety of our students’.


Sheila Gaughan, Aer Lingus Swimming Club

The cardiac screening that Heartaid gave me was excellent. It gave me a feeling of assurance, it was complete testing and the staff were very helpful, friendly and most importantly answered any questions that I had.

Retired UCC & Muskerry Rugby Player

I found Heartaid’s cardiac screening programme to be very professional & thorough. I would recommend any young person playing sport to undergo cardiac screening.

John Jermyn, Irish Hockey Player

I found the cardiac screening process offered by Heartaid, to be very thorough and professional. The doctor and nurse on hand answered any questions i had very informatively. I was also impressed with the quick report turnaround recieving my written results from Heartaid’s Consultant Cardiologist a few days after the screening. I would absolutely recommend any young person to look into it. Sudden adult death syndrome is becoming far too prevalent.

Rory Kennealy. Dolphin Rugby Player

I would highly recommend Heartaid’s Cardiac Screening, particularly to all sports players. It is shocking that SADS claims an estimated 600 young lives per year in Ireland & Britain. I found that Heartaid offered a very competent, efficient and professional service. It was very reassuring to learn that my heart is working perfectly.
Barry Corkery, Eire Og GAA Player
I found Heartaid’s cardiac screening service to be very well run. They were very helpful & flexible when organising the screening for the panel of players. I would definitely recommend this service to every sportsperson to help detect silent cardiac abnormalities while also providing it at an affordable price.’
Shane O’Neill, Cork Senior Hurling Captain
I found Heartaid to be efficient and extremely professional at all stages of the service. I will definitely be recommending Heartaid to all my friends and family
Mark Rose, Rose Properties

I underwent cardiac/ heart screening in May 2011 at Rochestown park hotel with Heartaid. This was something I had considered over the years particularly because there have been numerous cases of sportspeople and non-sportspeople having undiagnosed heart problems. Nevertheless despite my concerns of having chest pains and irregular heartbeat during training and a family history of heart problems I delayed getting it done over the years. I definitely would encourage people to go for heart screening as the walk in, walk out service was fantastic and the process was very quick, plus I was able to go straight home afterwards with peace of mind. It was easily one of the best decisions I have made, I just wish I had undergone heart screening sooner! The Following is all that is involved in the process of cardiac screening.
I arrived at approx 2 o’clock in the afternoon and upon arrival I had to fill out a basic questionnaire about my health etc. I was then weighed and my height was measured. After that my blood pressure was taken and my heartbeat listened to. The doctor then asked me about the various chest pains I was having. I found all this process very relaxed and simple.
Then it was time to get my ECG.
For this exam you connected to a recording device by a series of cables which are attached to your chest by sticky electrodes. The test takes approx. 5 minutes and is easy and painless. Then physical examination & health questionnaire is carried out by a medical doctor. The results of the testing are reviewed & reported by the Consultant Cardiologist.
The results of the test are sent back to you within the working week.
I thought the mobile screening service was a great incentive to get this test done as it was done at a location of your choice and there was no hassle of going to the hospital and was all very relaxed and fast.
I was delighted I got the screening done as now I have peace of mind that I am in good health and can go away and play GAA as hard and fast as I wish. I would recommend everyone to get this screening done; it might save your life.

Ronan Curran, Cork Hurler

We recently organised cardiac screening with Heartaid for our club members. I found the service to be very well run & professional. We as a club had thought about getting our players tested in the past but didn’t know it was possible until we heard about Heartaid’s service. It was made all that bit easier because it was mobile and were able to ensure as many of our members got tested on site in the club. I would recommend Heartaid’s service for any GAA or Sports Club in Ireland’.

Michael Walsh, Chairman Charleville GAA

I found Heartaid’s cardiac screening process to be very professional and well run. It is great to have the peace of mind to know that my heart is in decent working order. I would encourage everyone to be screened, too many young lives have been needlessly lost due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”

Billy Holland, Munster Rugby Player

Heartaid carried out Cardiac Screening with our Senior Hurling Squad recently. It was great that the service was brought to us making it very convenient. Heartaid’s staff were extremely personable & very professional. It is good to have peace of mind that we have done what we can to remain healthy & safe. This service is invaluable for sports and non sports people alike’

Brian Carroll, Offaly Senior Hurler

Heartaid’s cardiac screening team were very professional, courteous and efficient to deal with. The online booking system was great as it allowed all members to book appointments online. I would be happy to recommend Heartaid & its service to any sports club or organisation in Ireland’

Mike O’Regan, Secretary, Ballinora GAA Club

We recently used heartaid for cardiac screening as part of a health promotion initiative within our company. The interest among employees for this type of screening was very high. Heartaids service was extremely convenient as all screenings took place on site without employees having to leave work. The appointments ran very efficiently resulting in minimal disruption to work practices and peoples time. Heartaid provided an efficient service, quick reporting and relevant follow up. They were consistently professional to deal with and extremely helpful with any concerns or queries. The cost of the screening was excellent value for money and some employees were able to claim part of the cost back for screening through their health insurance plan depending on their particular plan. It was great to be able to offer employees such an important service while at work and I would not hesitate in recommending cardiac screening or Heartaid to any company.
Occupational health nurse, Cork
We at Merck Millipore Cork  were very pleased with the cardiac screening provided by Heartaid. Heartaids service was extremely convenient as all screenings took place on site with minimal disruption to the working day of our employees. The appointments ran on schedule and everything was supervised by the screening manager on site. Results were reported on and any relevant follow up recommended within two weeks which was very impressive. Heartaid were consistently professional to deal with and extremely responsive to any questions or queries. I was delighted to be able to offer such an important service to our employees and would unreservedly recommend Heartaid to any company.
Occupational Health Nurse – Merck Millipore
I would recommend Heartaid’s cardiac screening service to any secondary school in Ireland. We found the service very professional and all pupils were accommodated on time. The medical Staff were friendly & this helped the students relax during the screening process. Too many young people are passing away from SADS and I would recommend that every pupil in Ireland undergo heartaid’s cardiac screening programme.’
Teacher, Desmond College – Newcastlewest
As a teacher I would recommend any secondary school to avail of this service. It was fantastic that the screening unit came to our school and so we were able to get the students screened with minimal disruption to the school day.  We found both the Heartaid and Medical staff helpful and accommodating. To have peace of mind for both the school and parents that our students have now been check for SAD’s is invaluable, we here in St Colemans would recommend every school to undergo this program. ’
Patrick Donnelly, Teacher, St Colemans College –Fermoy
We organised Cardiac Screening for our club recently. We found the Heartaid Team to be professional at all times. The appointments ran smoothly and feedback was positive from all those that availed of the testing. It was comforting to know that we were offering our members a comprehensive service that was based on best international practice. I would recommend Heartaid to any sports club in Ireland.’
Billy Hennessey, Conahy Shamrocks

Heartaid carried out a comprehensive cardiac screening service to our club members recently. The take up was excellent and the feedback was very positive. I would be happy to recommend Heartaid and its service to any club or organisation in Ireland’.

Maria Curran, Newcestown GAA

I availed of Heartaid’s cardiac screening service. I found it to be an excellent and comprehensive service. I would be happy to recommend Heartaid to any sporting organisation or club interested in getting their players checked out’

James Coughlan, Munster Rugby

We organised cardiac screening for our schools rugby team. I found Heartaid to be very professional service. It was great that Heartaid were able to come to our school and perform cardiac screening at the weekend. I would be happy to recommend Heartaid & cardiac screening to any parent our young person involved in sport’. 

Bernard Finneran, Calasanctius College Rugby Coach