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Concussion is a significant problem in Ireland today and may lead to serious brain injury. AMS delivers a Doctor led concussion programme using a scientifically validated testing system. This (important) validated programme will enhance in making safe return to play decisions and therefore assist in reducing the risk of longer term brain injury.

What is involved in our Concussion Management Programme?

Baseline Test

We perform an onsite 20 minute computerized neurocognitive test which has been scientifically validated to measure the effects of concussion. The data is stored securely following testing

*We are partnered with ImPACT who developed the neurocognitive testing software and are world leaders in the field of concussion management having tested millions of people across the world. This software is used by leading sports organisations across the world including the IRFU , NFL & other major sporting organisations.

Post Injury Testing

Following a suspected concussion you will be scheduled for a post injury test and clinical assessment with one of our medical doctors who is experienced and trained in the management of concussion.

Our medical team will conduct the post injury neurocognitive test which will then be reviewed by our doctor. A clinical assessment will be carried out by our doctor.

By performing this additional neuro-cognitive test it will ensure safer management of players with concussion or suspected concussion and will help to minimise any subsequent brain injury risk

There will be a requirement in a percentage of cases to repeat the post-concussive neuro-cognitive IMPACT testing before a player and coach can consider a graded return to training and activity.

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Why consider our doctor led concussion identification and management programme for your school or club?