Cardiac Sports

Approx. 2 young people die from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) per week in Ireland. In the UK statistics show that 12 young lives are lost to sudden cardiac death.

We provide an onsite Doctor Led Cardiac Screening service that is ultimately aimed at reducing the incidents of SADS.

ImPACT Concussion
Management Programme

Concussion is a significant problem in many contact sports today and may lead to serious brain injury. AMS provides a comprehensive Concussion Management Programme incorporating a scientifically validated testing system.

Our service is ultimately aimed at managing concussion more effectively and helping to ensure that a player returns to play / train at the right time.

Corporate Health

Our corporate health screening programmes are designed to give your employees an overview of their health status without the need to take a leave of absence from work.

We have designed a range of health screening profiles designed to deliver a comprehensive overview of the health of each participant.

Our Latest Video

Concussion in sports is something that affects athletes across the country. ImPACT is a new concussion evaluation and management system for amateur and underage players which has been launched with the support of the IRFU

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